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Just a short note to alert all my kind and thoughtful viewers that I’ve uploaded a bunch (12) of new images and three new stories at BandMachArt. At some point there will be more, but for now I’d greatly appreciate hearing from any of you as far as feedback goes. This is especially the case this time since a bunch of the uploaded images are my attempt to respond to requests. 

I’m also thinking of posting one or two of my stories at B0UNDIARY, the group story gallery moderated by ronin-gh0st, but I’m unsure which to select. So I thought I’d open it up to you guys. Tell me which couple of my stories found at BandMachArt would—in your view—be nice to repost elsewhere on dA so they can be read by a potentially larger audience. I genuinely do not know, myself.

Now, a question for you all:

I spent almost an hour the other day crafting a carefully worded comment/response to what I felt was a rather skewed discussion of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, which were chewing up the comments box to images posted by one of my dA favorite artists. I was about to send my thoughts along to add to the discussion, but then suddenly lost electronic connection with the page, and of course that meant that all the work was gone. Pfft! Just like that. (Who saves comments to a separate doc, usually? Not me. You’d think I’d learn....) 

But the more I thought about it, the more I felt that (though it’s not part of my belief system) some kind of divine intervention had protected me from engaging in an involved time-wasting activity. Certainly, were I to reconstruct my discussion of the First Amendment and the Court’s decision so as to counter some people’s misunderstanding about separation of church and state in U.S. law, it would take some time and effort...and I’d be unlikely to succeed in influencing any of the commentors (including what seemed like right-wingers, libertarians, and evangelical Christians) who had already posted comments anyway. Facts don’t change feelings, even if the feelings are partly based on erroneous analysis or information. That reality is a hard one!

I guess what I’m asking is this: one way I typically use this gallery here is to post essays on topics that I discern, perceive, or sense are important to the dA artistic community, and on which I have a thought-through position that I can defend, or which at least will raise issues and questions that may prompt a useful, helpful, enlightening discussion. I’m not sure that the marriage-equality decision (and whether or not county clerks have the legal right to say “I’m not going to do so, since I’m a Christian”) is such a topic. A part of me says it’s not, not for dA at least. So I’m opening it up: if I posted such an essay here, would it be read? Does anyone here care? Is it valuable and relevant to the dA community to engage in conversation about that topic? Let me know what you think. If there’s truly a solid interest in the issue, I’ll get it started by re-creating and posting the essay that has my thoughts about it. Let me know, in a public comment or a private Note.


Thanks, everyone. Now, back to work! (Tra la!)    ;)


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United States
Amateur artist, professional writer, musician, champion of lost causes, blowhard and pedant, and active commenter and admirer of many (but certainly not all) artists and writers here at dA. I do not much admire the application of power by dA's administrators, however.

I have two accounts here at dA: 1) "dannysuling" is my home base for surfing and commenting, for maintaining personal and professional ties, and for posting story reviews, my own screeds, journals, and essays on topics having to do with what goes on at dA; 2) "bandmachart" – BandMachArt – is where I post stories I have written and amateur drawings I have done (most of which are adult and transgressive, so be forewarned).

I'm definitely of an older generation. I wasn't around when Washington crossed the Delaware, but I was certainly born well before Bob went electric at Newport. I care about good writing, good art, ethical behavior, the environment; I am a feminist!

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There is no need to apologies, fellow. I myself have many long, unespected, fases out-line and/or out-deviant. Let's just be for the momment, each momment we share ideas. And let's hope that may always be enougt.   

Thank's for yours words!            
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Your words are wise!!!
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