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Hi everyone,

Just a short note here for now, to announce that I have been blocked by reptileye ( for making a comment on his image “Take It Easy."

My comment was:

“Where's that fuckin' magic lasso when I really need it? The coloring here, BTW, is really superb.”

His reply was:

“Sorry, but no bad language on my house, not without any cammo at least. Good bye”

Now, it’s certainly within this artist’s right to block anyone from commenting at his gallery, at any time. Sort of like the lunch counter sign that says “We reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone without notice.” But you’d think that there’d be some common sense involved, no?

First, obviously, the use of the term “fuckin’” was not directed at the artist, or at the artist’s image, but to make fun of the character, Wonder Woman. And god knows that’s a character open to being mocked – as she is all the time at dA.

Second, it’s not as if I went off on a swearing rampage, or anything. One word, used for humorous purposes, and not to anyone’s harm (except, in a stretch of the imagination, WW herself).

Third, part of my comment was in fact a compliment, and a genuine one, directed to the artist.

Fourth, there’s nothing I said that violates dA’s TOS. Not in any way.

Fifth, I have a long history of occasional commentary on this artist’s work, all of it supportive and complimentary.

Sixth, upon receipt of his message to me, I immediately tried to reply with: “My apologies. I shall be more circumspect in all further comments to you.” – And that’s when I discovered I was blocked!

So, then, what’s his problem? He knows I love his work. Is he a zero-tolerance crusader for clean language (whatever that is)? Does he have something against me personally? Did he misread my comment and believe it was directed at him (he could very well be a non-native English speaker, and so have misunderstood. He says on his profile page that he’s a male from Chile, and has been on dA for 5 years).

To react to a potential misunderstanding or a minor infraction as a major offense to one’s personal value system and then triggering an atomic bomb is hardly adult. One wishes to clarify confusion in communication, not beat the shit out of someone who appears communicating a little differently from oneself. At least, that’s my value system.

I’m not asking anyone to do anything. Except maybe the artist in question, to whom I would like the opportunity to offer an apology for being a first-time offender, and hope that he has the good grace to give me that opportunity.

But I did want you guys to know about this. We need to be checking our aggression at the door.



United States

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ON LINE RESPONSE TO YOUR OFF LINE NOTE;A)what frigging planet are you living on?D/A is made up of "images of currently copyrighted figures..Disney,various actors,actresses,ect,all used without regard to "ownership"and or "permission to use"Do you make it your business to badger all of the artists here who use superman,batman,wonder woman,bogart,marilyn Monroe,twilight,ect ect ect or are you just a fucking buddinsky who thinks that he can lecture others.You seem the type who has notihng better to do with his life than to issue threats,and likewise to feel slighted when people like me do not jump to whatever demand you make.
B)who the hell  are you to accuse?Who says the images I post are not in the public domain?You?I do not see your credentials as a copyright lawyer listed anywhere.Who appointed you official copyright police?I went through this with D/A and they have no real problem with it,so who the hell are you to shove your nose into my business.C)I view your note,in all of it's implications as a veiled such I have contacted D/A regarding it.It is about time that self-appointed humps like yourself are checked.I'm sure that D/A has real lawyers to deal with copyright issues.I'm sure YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM.
Lastly,when you get off your high fucking self-appoinred horse and count all of the thousands of posters here who use what you view as copyrighted images used without permission you will find that this constitutes a majority of the members here.
When I want advice about the images I post I will take that up directly with representatives from the D/A"legal department,and NOT from someone like you.
Do not write to me again.And,hopefully my formal complaint against your veiled threat will put you in your fucking place,and that place is MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESSVILLE.
thanks for the watch
You're welcome.
lways nice to hear from you! And as always, thanks for the super-kind words! I'm also happy you like my damsels, which reminds me... have you seen my latest journal? I have a request contest going now, and I'd love it if you contributed, as I would like to have as many requests/suggestions as possibly by the time I hit 950 watchers! :) (Smile)

I think part of the damsel-drawing thing is just that I'm interested in figural anatomy. Obviously there's some embellishments for cartoon's sake, but I prefer real anatomy to Jessica Rabbot-esque stuff. Even the drawing I have of Jessica isn't that curvy. :)
TheLadyJ Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Karate chop! 
Ouch! Hey! What did I do to deserve that?
TheLadyJ Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Just saying hi! Did you see my latest piece, it's my best yet :3
Rather a highly noticeable way of saying "hi," but I'll take it.

Karate chop back to you!  :)

I confess I'd not gotten back to your gallery for quite a while. Not intentional. It's just that my surfing has slowed way down as I've gotten involved with other projects over the last year. You're definitely on my list of places I'm looking forward to visiting again. For sure.

You doin' okay? Exactly which posting is your "latest piece"?
(1 Reply)
Shabazik Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist
Thanks for the deviantwatch!
D3D-PerilArt Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Appreciate the Comments as always Danny
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